3656970558 2d63b257b2 b 590x391The cuisine is guaranteed organic.

At Ängavallen living organically from farm to fork is neither strange nor new. We’ve been doing it for decades and it simply entails recognizing that the natural environment is a wonderfully balanced, robust and sustainable whole. Not because it is an end in itself, but quite simply because it produces both more nutritious and tastier food, whether you eat it in the restaurant, in the park or buy it in the shop. Welcome! RESTAURANT OPENING HOURS: Dinner: Thursday – Saturday arrival kl. 17 – 20 OBS! Förbeställning krävs tisdag – fredag (till och med 23/3), ring 040-42 32 50

The dining rooms can accommodate everything from the little company to the feast. In Gillet, lunch is served in two planes and in the evening they serve it up for a perfect party atmosphere.

Ängavallen’s intimate and comfortable hotel has a total of 19 rooms and offers first-class accommodation in a genuine Scanian milieu. There are 58 beds in Möllegården’s 8 rooms and 8 beds in Örtagården’s 4 rooms and 7 rooms in Gammelgården. The smallest details in the hotel have been carefully selected, from the hand-made bricks in the facade to the old-fashioned bathroom fittings and the comfortable beds. Ängavallen’s Hotel is part of Countryside Hotels. The hotel is open all year round.


Ängavallen’s breakfast buffet is not just 100 percent organic, it is also fantastically substantial. There are about 20 kinds of tea, five or six kinds of juice, soured milk, yoghurt, home-made bread, eggs, chipolata sausages, cold meats, fruit and cheese. It’s almost like a brunch. You can eat whenever you like from 06.30 to 10.30.

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Ängavallens hälsodjur – Organic meat from cattle, sheep and pigs

At Ängavallen we live according to the motto “from farm to fork”. This means that all pork, lamb and beef as well as all cured meats come from the farm’s own HälsoDjur® and are sold under the registered trademarks HälsoGris® (pork), HälsoKalv (veal), HälsoLamm (lamb) and HälsoOx (beef). Original, native breeds (Swedish Red Poll cattle, Swedish Forest Sheep, Linderöd pigs) that have roamed freely under the open sky and that have lived a good life and have been reared on the farm’s vegetable fodder, which is organically grown and naturally fertilized. The animals have not been given any medicines and they are slaughtered on the farm, in a dignified manner and entirely stress-free. You can therefore always be sure that the food at Ängavallen is prepared using the best possible, entirely natural raw materials.

100 % organic cultivation on our own farm

All cultivation at Ängavallen is 100 percent organic. This means that we do not use artificial fertilizers, pesticides or other chemical additives. Everything is permitted to grow as nature intended. The crops consist of old, native varieties that have adapted to our climate and type of soil over the decades. Resistant varieties that grow healthily. These varieties grow more slowly than modern varieties, but in return they provide more taste. In the park we grow green and white asparagus, purple cabbage, turnips, parsley root, parsnips, various kinds of carrots and beetroots, garden cress, sweet corn, onions, squash and pumpkin. As well as gooseberries, currants (white, red and blackcurrants), bilberries, raspberries, quinces, peaches, apricots, plums, rhubarb, raspberries, apples and pears. Moreover all the herbs that are used in cooking are grown on the farm.


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